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Writing 2023’s Year in Review I must first say, I believe that we don’t ever really ‘create’ anything by ourselves, there are no original ideas, we simply allow them to pass through us, and/or we co-create them with others / the Source. Here a recap of everything I became a vessel for, or co-created with others in 2023 – courses, podcasts, speeches, blog posts and projects.

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Year in Review: 2023 Theme

My work in 2023 has been centered around the Power of the Creative Cycle – everything else e.g. Qigong, Coaching, Yoga, Women’s health, productivity etc. all flow from this central theme and framework. This is the most powerful framework I have discovered since beginning my spiritual journey. Discovering this has transformed me, and this will continue to be my focus for 2024, and my life’s work.

Creativity, productivity & well-being: Power of the Creative Cycle

Between 2022-2023 I started to develop, lecture and coach extensively on the Creative Cycle and Five Element framework, which is derived from Chinese Medicine philosophy. This coaching framework has delivered excellent results for private clients who include high-achieving creatives and professionals, helping them overcome self-doubt, procrastination and attacks from the inner critic. The audio course I developed originally for InsightTimer has also been rated 5/5 and have 1,800 students to date.

Metal Element & Harnessing the Inner Critic

Within the Creative Cycle and the Five Elements, the Metal Element is associated with the Inner Critic, This relationship with perfectionism and self-criticism is something many of us struggle with. To overcome this I created a 12 week Video and audio course, blog posts and various meditation audios to inspire clarity, courage and the ability to refine and clarify what’s truly essential.

Harness your Inner Critic
Mindful movement to expand your energy & creativity

Water Element & Aqua Qigong Yoga Massage 

Within the Creative Cycle and the Five Elements, the Water Element is closes to the Source Power, and has powerful cleansing, healing and purifying properties that can reconnect us with our true nature, release fear, restore faith, freedom and flow. In 2023 I have had the fortune to share this powerful healing practice at the Westin Maldives, The Life Co Phuket and also Lyf One-North Singapore as a visiting practitioner.

Woman receiving Aqua Qigong Yoga Therapy

The Water Element is also about resilience and ensuring we are well-resourced, to overcome overwhelm and flow into a state of ease. On this I authored three audio courses to harness the power of the Water Element and Winter season.

Qigong and Chinese Medicine and Yoga

I was featured as an expert at the Qigong Global Summit and Niagra University Mindfulness Conference. I also started to teach and write for Ekhart Yoga and Practyce on Qigong and TCM, as well as write for Yogajala, and some other blogs like YogaSpecialists and Nancy Nelson Yoga.

📺 Video classes

📚 Articles:

Women’s Health & Well-being

By virtue of the menstrual cycle, we women are much more intimately connected with the Creative Cycle. A central part of my work explores how we can harness the ebbs and flows of the menstrual cycle to enhance our creativity, productivity to flourish in our personal and professional lives.

Woman's Creative Cycle & The Five Elements

Power of Community & the Collective 

Reviewing my last year in review reflections, the main distinction between 2023 and the ones before is that before 2023 I was really working alone. I’ve got this far myself because of the power of community – because of the incredible and inspiring people I’ve surrounded myself with. At the heart of all of my work lies community. There have been a few community initiatives I’ve started in 2023, which will continue in 2024 and beyond.

These include a virtual women Changemakers and creatives Circle that meets monthly, Tuesday Tribe gatherings on InsightTimer to beat procrastination and get started and Curious Humans Deep Talk Circles I’ve been facilitating in-person in Turin where I’m based.

  • 🌐 Changemaker Creation Retreats (in-person) – In-person retreats where you bring a creative project idea and be guided through the creative cycle process to take action and realise your idea as a project / product / service through the power of community, coaching and connection. Email me to get into the insider list. ⭐️
  • 🌐 Changemakers & Creatives Community (Online) – A new virtual program to empower you to overcome overthinking and procrastination to creative, inspired and imperfect action, to be released soon in 2024. More details to come. Email me to get into the insider list. ⭐️
  • 🌐 Tuesday Tribe: Beat Procrastination with Moving Meditation & the Creative Cycle (our next live is 2 Jan 2024, join us online) and Tuesday Tribe Beat Procrastination audio

Mindfulness, Meditation, Productivity & well-being 

I’ve also build a large body of meditation and mindfulness audios across the topics of well-being, mindfulness and productivity which include premium audios for members and free audios that anyone can enjoy.

🎧 Audio meditations: Countless meditation & mindfulness audio recordings on InsightTimer

Year in Review Wrap up

Wow, that’s been a lot! Honestly, before I started I thought it wouldn’t take me long to write this year in review, because how much did I get done in 2023? Not much, right? Now having laid it all out because of the year in review, I really do see and feel the vastness and depth of it all.

I am so glad and thankful for all the people I’ve met, connected and co-created with, places I’ve connected energetically, ideas and lessons that have come through me. And this is all thanks to Creative Cycle and the Source itself, this is what keeps me going. 

Wenlin Tan blog

Before I go any further, if you’re enjoying any of these courses, articles or resources, please consider sending this to someone who might benefit them. Because it’s word of mouth referrals like this that really help me to share the Power of the Creative Cycle.

You can also give a rating for my courses, meditation audios, or send a donation in proportion to the value you think you’ve derived from the resources. It’s your support that makes this all possible, I couldn’t do this without you.

Thank you, and wishing you a magical 2024,


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Hi! I’m Wenlin Tan, a Productivity, Accountability & Mindfulness Coach with clients across Asia, Europe and the USA. I am passionate about supporting you to overcome self-doubt, procrastination and inner critic attacks to achieve your goals and live the dream of your dreams. If you want to learn how to overcome overwhelm and achieve your goals with ease, I’m here to help.

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