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Partner Yoga & Thai Massage Workshop

Partner Yoga & Thai massage Find your inner equilibrium, balancing between giving while receiving, effort and relaxation. In this 2.5 hour workshop we will explore: Partner breathwork and meditation. Counterbalancing Asanas - energetic & restorative partner work, connecting energy lines…

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Because I have to hunger

City living places immense stress and a prevailing sense of loneliness within the confines of spaces, both around and within us. Because I have to Hunger is an immersive installation comprising eight Augmented Reality (AR) powered postcards hidden within a…

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Identity comprises layers; including but not limited to occupation, gender, and nationality. Those native of Crete, the largest island in Greece, associate themselves with being Greek but are also fiercely proud of their Cretan heritage and history, which is unique…

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We are not things

We are not things is a collection of thoughts and images put together following the the performance of Brush,  a participatory art installation & performance for Bodyfront Belgrade, as part of Inspiring Change Artist residency showcase, Društveni centar NNK, Belgrade,…

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