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Aqua Qigong Yoga Therapy: Heal your Body, Mind and Spirit

Experience the magic & healing of moving meditation in Water

Aqua Qigong Yoga is a therapeutic embodied moving meditation and mindfulness practice that can help improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

This approach combines the healing properties of being in warm water, which promotes relaxation and full-body restoration, moving meditation practices like Qigong, Yoga and Somatics which encourage full presence and awareness, and water massage, which allows for release of long-stored tension, stress, emotional and energetic blockages.

Aqua Qigong Yoga benefits: 

As a mindfulness and well-being coach for women, Aqua Qigong Yoga is one of the tools I use to support my clients to move from overwhelm, stress and trauma into a state of  fluidity, flow, freedom and ease. A large body of warm water, such as a heated pool or the sea mimics the Amniotic fluid in womb space. By practicing moving meditations and receiving water massage in this environment we enjoy a multitude of benefits. This modality:

  • Alleviates stress, anxiety: Whenever we are in a large body of water, we are welcomed into a space of being held, of safety and calm, because of the buoyancy of water. This is something we all experienced as an embryo in our mother’s womb. This is an extremely powerful experience that can release trauma, tension and stress.
  • Improves mobility, fluidity & flexibility: In the water, due to the current, one can learn to flow like water, flow with water. There is less need to effort or strive.
  • Improved mental well-being: Many practitioners mention feeling more connected to themselves, feeling good and at ease, and calm. I experienced this first-hand as a practitioner, and I see the effects of this in my clients as well.
Woman Receiving Aqua Qigong Yoga Therapy

Aqua Qigong Yoga Therapy session structure: 

Each session or program includes these 3 Key Elements:

  1. Orientation to the water: Comfort and familiarity is established within the Water Element with a welcoming gesture to connect with the healing and cleansing qualities of water. You will explore the difference between going against and following the current of water, and being at the surface as opposed to being submerged in the water.
  2. Moving meditations – Yoga poses, pulses and Qigong Flows: Stability, strength mobility and flexibility is cultivated through variations of postures like Warrior 1, Warrior 11, Triangle pose, High lunge, Figure of 4 stretch, dancer pose. Fluidity is encouraged through Spine-freeing forms from Qigong and the water wheel hand and body massage
  3. Free floatation & Water massage therapy:: With the aid of floating aids and other support, you will be guided to release effort and settle into ease and relaxation. Cradled by the therapist (me), you will be held in the water and passively put into various shapes and spine-freeing movements to release tension, pain and trauma from the body.

My clients’ healing stories from Aqua Qigong Yoga

Through teaching and practicing Aqua Qigong and Aqua Yoga I got to know people from all walks of life. Some of my students worked in high-stress jobs and were suffering from back pain, just as I did. Others were in their fifties to sixties and hoping to get relief from knee pain from osteoarthritis.

Many of them had tried Yoga on land but it didn’t work for them, so they turned to Aqua Qigong Yoga, which helped soothe their pain and cultivate fluidity, ease and comfort in their body, mind and being. There is something about the water that makes the practice special.

How I came to Aqua Qigong Yoga & my training / background 

I had been experiencing lower back pain for some years, and was looking for practice that would support me to heal from my injury, while improving my mobility, fluidity and balance. The combination of the mindful, gentle and fluid movements of Qigong, and the strength and balance poses from Yoga in the supportive and buoyant medium of water was extremely helpful for not just my physical well-being but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally as well.
I’ve been teaching and practicing Aqua Yoga since 2019, when I underwent WellWoman Aqua Yoga training with founder of Birthlight, Dr. Francoise Freedman in Italy. More recently, in 2023 I have continued my training through the Aquasoma® Introduction course with Cristina Nicolini of the International School of Watsu. My full CV and completed trainings can be viewed here.

Work with me: Bring Aqua Qigong Yoga to your Resort / Centre

Do you own or manage a wellness retreat, resort or well-being festival?

Want to bring Aqua Qigong Yoga to your resort, wellness centre or retreat? Explore my offerings and see my CV here. I’ve taught Aqua Qigong Yoga for various resorts and centres including Resorts World Cruises Singapore and the Westin Maldives.

Are you curious about Aqua Qigong Yoga and how it can help you heal?

Want to join an upcoming Aqua Qigong Yoga retreat in 2023-2024? Join the waiting list to get notified once the details are confirmed. 

In the meanwhile, enjoy these resources (articles, video classes, audio meditations and podcast interviews) for your well-being or read the blog.

Testimonials from past clients

“Thank you for the wonderful first lesson today. I must say I’ve enjoyed Aqua Yoga very much, and I’m looking forward to upcoming lessons.”

– Laurine, Participant from Aqua Yoga Qigong sessions

“Wenlin is an excellent coach and yoga teacher, competent, knowledgeable, soft and strong. Me and my sister did a yoga retreat with her in Singapore, and ever since I’m following her all the way from France!”
– Marguerite, journalist from France, Island Yoga Retreat
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