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Career & Well-being Coaching with Wenlin Tan

Welcome! You came here probably because you’re curious about career and well-being coaching with me You’re probably wondering, Who is Wenlin Tan? What results can I expect from coaching with Wenlin?

Wenlin Tan’s Story: How I went from Unsure to Unstoppable:

Hi, welcome. My name is Wenlin and I am honored that you’re here. I am a Creative Cycle Guide, a Women’s Career & Well-being Coach, Qigong and yoga specialist, and Red School Menstruality mentor. My passion is supporting Women changemakers – entrepreneurs, creatives, yoga teachers and healers move from overwhelm and burnout to ease, flow and success in their lives.

I bring with me over 15 years of experience working at the intersection of mindfulness, creativity, psychology, and wellness, with over 3,000 hours of training and 8 years of experience supporting women across the U.S.A, Asia, and Europe. Before you embark with me on your coaching journey with me, let me share a story about myself and how this journey came to be.

You don't have to prove yourself to anyone

My upbringing and who I was from before:

My parents, teachers, grew up poor. They taught me that life is difficult, money and success doesn’t come easy, and that I should work hard and be thankful and content for every blessing that comes my way. Brought up in a family of 3 sisters, as the middle child I always saw myself as the meditator, the glue in the family. Though we were not well-to-do, I was thankful that I never had to worry about money growing up. 

I was not an ambitious person by nature, and though I did fairly well in school, was not exceptionally bright, creative or outstanding. But I was always curious about people, and how we can live our lives better. From when I was little, I imagined a world where every single person had all their creative potentials fulfilled. And I longed to live in a world like that. 

Who I came to become: Discovering my Talents

These beliefs continued to drive my behaviour as a hard-working, efficient globe-trotting market research manager and student of Yoga in my early 20s. Though I was paid well and excelled in that position, it didn’t fulfil me, it didn’t light me up. I dreamed of a life where everyday I would jump out of bed and feel fully alive at work, every moment of my life. 

Life gave me a kick when my ex-boyfriend of four years abruptly broke up with me, and I realised I didn’t have to hold on to my stable job, or stay in Singapore any longer. I took a sabbatical and later left my only full-time job of 7 years with no plan, and embarked on a journey to discover who I might be and how I might make a difference to myself and others in this world. 

During that time, through my hard work and resourcefulness, I created and found opportunities for myself and explored different vocations– I finally realised my dream working as an illustrator and Creative, a career I had always dreamed of as a child. Though I enjoyed the work I found creating to be a solitary activity, and missed the human contact I had while working as a researcher interviewing doctors and patients in my last job. I also continually struggled with imposter syndrome, fluctuating feelings of low self-worth and playing small, telling myself that I could never be truly successful, being someone who never formally received training at Art School. 

Drawing for mindfulness with Visiting Practitioner Wenlin Tan
Teaching a Drawing for Mindfulness Workshop for Singapore Airlines

Later, by chance, I became a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. It was after I taught my first Yoga class, receiving the great reviews from students, that I realised teaching was a natural talent and passion I had that I had never known. It gave me immense joy sharing Yoga and Mindfulness – the same tools and disciplines that had brought me great comfort and connection through times of darkness and loneliness struggling with an eating disorder during university, and growing up and living with a family member with a psychiatric illness. 

As I continued to teach Yoga, the frequent classes and long hours teaching and modelling the postures started to show up as pain in my body. Seeking relief from recurring back pain, I re-encountered the ancient practice of Qigong, something I had seen elders practise in Singapore, where I grew up when I was young. Encountering Qigong was like coming home. I had never felt something so easy, so comforting and healing before. Intuitively I knew it was right for me. Through Qigong, I discovered the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine and, later, the Creative Cycle. 

Being in service of the Creative Cycle: Manifesting beyond Imagination

Discovering the Creative Cycle was a pivotal point in my life. Through my self-reflections and further studies of the Creative Cycle, I continually learnt something new about myself and the world. I realised I could achieve more by allowing agency with myself, listening to my body and her needs rather than seeking to control, ignore or own it. I realised I could release people-pleasing behaviours that I had become habituated to from my upbringing, and set healthy boundaries so I could prioritise myself first, and become fully resourced to show up for myself and others in the world. I realised I could save time, energy and effort by flowing with my energies and the energies of the world, rather than rushing or imposing my own agenda or timeline. 

Through my embodied practice of the Creative Cycle and the way of the Dao, the flow of life,  I experienced a kind of ease, flow and intimacy with myself and with life that I had never felt. The more I embodied these principles, and asked myself, ‘What if this were easy? How can I flow with life, with this situation instead of resisting or fighting it?’ the more I felt in flow, at ease, relaxed. As I surrendered to the Dao, the more my career and business flourished and grew. 

Teaching Women's Acupressure and well-being workshop as a Visiting practitioner on Resorts World Cruises

Magical things started to happen. Unexpected opportunities unfolded in my life. I was invited to a paid teaching assignment on a resort cruise by someone I had never been in contact with. Then a well-paid opportunity to write regularly for a website, without any fixed deadlines dropped in my lap! Despite having been practicing Qigong for only four years, I was invited to be featured as an expert and teach at a world renowned Qigong summit with other veteran Qigong healers, teachers, doctors and experts. And out of the blue, despite having a modest number of followers on social media and my mailing list, I was invited for a paid assignment at a Five Star World-renowned Resort in the Maldives to create a women’s well-being program as a visiting practitioner. 

What I stand for, and my beliefs: What Life, Success could come Easy?

I was a hard worker by nature. In the early stages of my career, I manifested my opportunities through my sheer hard work and resourcefulness. But I could not have created any of these magical opportunities myself, they were beyond my imagination. They only arose because I had done the internal and external work, and declared my intention to the world – that I would be in service to the Five Elements, the Creative cycle, and dedicate my life’s work to inspire and touch the lives of millions, and most importantly, myself. By surrendering to the flow of Dao, life itself, I allowed these to unfold. 

I believe there is a greater container, vessel, holding all of us – I know this as the Dao, the flow of life itself. When we learn to flow with the cyclical patterns of great nature outside of us, and our inner nature, things become easy, we become at one with the currents of life, and success, joy, transformation and abundance unfold naturally. Any need for unnecessary striving, rushing is released. 

We cannot seek transformation. Transformation is a by-product, just as success and abundance is. We can only create all the necessary conditions for transformation and growth to arise. And this is what this journey is all about – doing the internal and external work necessary to set up your conditions so success will inevitably come your way. 

I have now become the mentor I wish existed I had 10 years ago, when I thought life was difficult, money was hard to make, and that I was never going to be remarkable, successful, creative or inspiring. I bring with me lived knowledge, and the culmination of all disciplines I have studied, practiced and/or taught – Psychology, Market Research, Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Somatics, Qigong, Chinese Medicine Philosophy. 

I am 100% confident that coaching with me will transform your career and your life, if you show up fully and do the work (both internal – on your self-limiting beliefs, your relationship with your inner critic, and external – changing your behaviors and your relationship with your career and others in your life). 

If you are ready to embark on this journey with me- sometimes tumultuous, challenging, and at other times beautiful, joyful, easeful, then I am here for you. I promise I will be your biggest fan, supporter and cheerleader when you’re feeling lost and unsure. I also promise I will be the one who holds you accountable – I’ll call you out when you’re playing small, I’ll kick your ass when you’re holding back, and give you a wake up call when you need it. 

If you would like to find out more, book a call with me

I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.

If you still need some convincing, here are more tangible outcomes you can expect from coaching with me: 

How Coaching with me will transform you:

Gain Clarity & Confidence to Reinvent yourself, Up level and transform

Through coaching with me, you learn how to become confident to make career pivots, to reinvent yourself without worrying about what others think, while aligning with your true and authentic self and inner power. Before I was a successful well-being and mindfulness coach teaching at resorts and global summits, I was a successful illustrator and artist exhibiting at Singapore Art Week 2019, getting featured at Emerging Writer’s Festival 2019, and even before that, I carved a career as a well-paid globe-trotting market research manager who presented at conferences and led massive multinational research projects for the first 7 years of my life.

Teaching a Women's Mindfulness WorkshopI didn’t start off wanting to be a career & well-being coach for women entrepreneurs and creatives. I never thought I would become a Yoga Teacher, a coach, an artist, or any of these things. At each moment in my life, I saw an opportunity, or I realized something new about myself – my hidden talents, preferences and true heartfelt desires. And each time I seized this opportunity and evolved to up level myself and reinvent who I was so I could live the life and be the person I wanted to be. I made choices in my career to reflect what I valued in my life. You can do this too. Through coaching with me, you gain clarity, confidence and learn how to become successful by allowing yourself to evolve, grow and expand.

Ready to step into confidence & clarity? Book a call with me to find out more

Create Success with Ease and Flow

In private coaching with me I also share the the tips and strategies I did to carve a successful career without compromising on my well-being. As I moved from being an employee working fixed hours for my clients to an self-employed entrepreneur, I learnt how to work smart, how to achieve more in a shorter time, how to optimize processes for what works best for me. You learn how to take control of your life, set powerful and healthy boundaries to supercharge your creativity, power and effectiveness in whatever you put your mind to. Best of all, you move away from the ‘Life is hard’, ‘Work is hard’ mindset, and you actually allow ease, success and abundance in your life.

Ready to welcome ease? Book a call with me to find out more

Build a career you love that embraces all, 100% of you

My work is my passion. At heart, I am a market researcher, artist, creative, Yoga / Qigong teacher, well-being coach; I am all of these. Early in my career while I was pivoting from being a market researcher to an artist, an art professor whom I met at an artist residency in Belgrade,  Srđan Plavšić once gave ma a wonderful piece of advice that I keep to this day:

Don’t hide any part of yourself. What you do (for work) should embrace all of you.

And this has always been my approach to work, to life. My career is my passion, it is my dharma, it is my purpose, it is why I am alive. I bring all of myself to my work. It is what gives me reason to wake up every single morning and do the things I do. And I will continue doing this till the moment I die. And this is why I am successful. Because I am authentic and I bring all of me into all of what I do. Through coaching with me, you learn how to embrace your fears and step into your true power and 100% authentic self. 

Ready to build a career that embraces all of you? Book a call with me to find out more

Release your fears, limiting beliefs. Stop playing small, Go all-in: Become unstoppable

I used to tell myself all kinds of things. I told myself I would never become a successful person. That I was not am ambitious person. That I was nothing special, I wasn’t creative etc. The list goes on. But from a person who was like that, I’ve become an unstoppable, driven, successful and exceptional person. People who work with me tell me I inspire them. That I am exceptional. But more important than that, I inspire myself. I have become so confident in my own ability and certain of my creativity that no one can stop me. And I am have cultivated such a deep trust and surrender to the Dao, life itself, that I believe that life is conspiring and doing all it can to realise my dreams. This is the reason for my success.

Imagine what would that be like if you believed so much in yourself? You felt so confidence you could take on the world? That’s what coaching with me will make you feel like. I will push you, I will hold you accountable. I will call you out when you play small, when you slide back into your old limiting beliefs. 

What if you were unstoppable? 🔥

What if you could move beyond what’s limiting you? 💥

What if you were brave, creative, focused and 100% in flow? 🌊

What if you could realise your full 100%, or even better, realize that 100% you imagined was actually only 50% of your true 100%? 🤯

What would it feel like to wake up, every single day, and live that way? 😊

If you’re ready to change your life, book a call with me to find out more. You receive support to overcome the 1-2 key challenges stopping you from realizing your full potential. You learn how to work less and achieve more, and enjoy ease, flow and well-being and create a career and life you truly love.  Because these are all the things I value, practice and embody in my life 🙂

If you’re considering, but a little unsure, I’d like to share some resources I created for you:

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