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Well-being coach Wenlin Tan

Women’s Well-being Coach, Qigong & Yoga Specialist for women

Hi! I’m Wenlin Tan, a Women’s Well-being Coach, Qigong and Yoga specialist for women and Creative Cycle coach. I am passionate about supporting Women Entrepreneurs, Yoga Teachers and Creatives like you to overcome overwhelm to find flow, ease and success in their life.
If you want to learn how to overcome overwhelm and enjoy flow, ease and success in your life, I’m here to help. Book a complimentary 20 minute discovery session to see how I can help you, or find out more about coaching with me here. 
Through Women’s Well-being coaching  with me, you’ll learn how to overcome overwhelm, release anxiety and inner criticism so you can feel confident, focused and in flow. I bring with me over 15 years experience working across the fields of health, psychology and wellness, with over 3,000 hours of training & 7 years of coaching and teaching experience, helping clients across Asia and Europe. Ready to find flow and ease in your life? Book a women’s well-being coaching session: 

Looking for resources & support for your personal well-being?

Join a class / workshop, Book a complimentary 20 minute discovery session to see how I can help you, or browse free videos, articles and resources here. 

Looking for a presenter or visiting practitioner for your resort, well-being conference, festival?

View my CV and explore my programs and past experience. Let’s connect to see how I can support you. 

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Brands Wenlin has worked with including Kvix, Obonjan private island resort, Lyf, so on


“Wenlin is an excellent coach and yoga teacher, competent, knowledgeable, soft and strong. Me and my sister did a yoga retreat with her in Singapore, and ever since I’m following her all the way from France!”
– Marguerite, journalist from France, Island Yoga Retreat
“Wenlin is clearly is an expert. She communicates well, is engaging, knows how to teach what can be a completely new approach to meditation and moving meditation to an audience how may be unfamiliar with these techniques. She has an authentic, generous and thoughtful approach..”
– Jess, participant from Moving meditation Workshop (Creative Mornings)
Wenlin’s Qigong, Yin yoga Nidra masterclass was brilliantly paced, informative, flowed really well and super professional. By far the better from all that I have booked/worked with. 
Sian Astrop, programs manager, Baker Street Quarter, London (UK)

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