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Living in the city is an art, not a science.

Being human is itself difficult, and therefore all kinds of settlements have problems.

Big cities have difficulties in abundance, because they have people in abundance.

How can we feel human in an inhuman environment?

Identity comprises layers; including but not limited to occupation, gender, and nationality.

Those native of Crete, the largest island in Greece, associate themselves with being Greek but are also fiercely proud of their Cretan heritage and history, which is unique and distinct from other parts of Greece. Summed in a word—


a word unique to the island which translates to a combination of craziness, passion and excess.

A small but powerful object, the passport is one of the most important documents that may come within our possession.

Beyond a travel document, today it is a highly-prized and widely discussed commodity that possesses the power to shape one’s experience of the world,

conferring and withholding, obstructing and facilitating.

One of the oldest traditions of Portugal is bullfighting, an ancient art form demonstrating man’s courage & defiance of death.

Every year, during the Festival of Santa Maria, epic bullfights are staged in the town of Messejana.

With increasing awareness & concern from animal rights groups, bullfighting is on the decline, and may be banned in future.

Artistic representations of the human body can be found in nearly every culture in the world, demonstrating the central role the body plays in art.

Often viewed as a contested terrain, on which struggles over control and resistance are fought out in contemporary societies, the body of another can also be seen as a tool:

utilized to fulfil one’s desires and motives.

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