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One of the first things I learnt as a yoga teacher-in-training in 2016 was the meaning of YOGA – to Yoke, to unite. Yoga is the continual practice of returning to the realisation that you are, and have been, whole. Though this idea resonated deeply with me, it seemed both simple and obvious. I thought I internalised it right away.
With the passage of time however, I forgot this seemingly obvious idea. I chased one after another milestone; I did what I had been conditioned to becoming so good at: striving. It was when I came across the concept of Māyā, a cloak that shrouds one from seeing the true nature of things, of life, was I reminded that I hadn’t learnt my lesson at all: Life is, and I am, already complete. Striving, chasing, unnecessary efforting would not bring more, or deeper fulfillment and joy.
But two times was not enough and I forgot this lesson again. I slipped into the constant need to justify my existence in the world by doing something, being somewhere, becoming someone. But life is generous, when you forget, she reminds you again: during a teachers meeting our founder shared her vision and story behind why she started her yoga studio, and I realised it had been under my nose the whole time: the studio I have been so lucky to teach at, is called YogaUnion.
Today’s full harvest moon on mid-autumn festival serves is a timely reminder to return to this realisation: to us on planet earth the moon manifests in different forms, just as how you and I may show up differently in the world each day,
But the moon is, like you and I, and has always been full.
Have you noticed the full moon today?
May be an image of sky, nature, night, tree and twilight
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