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You Don't Have To Prove Yourself To Anyone

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone

You don't have to prove yourself to anyone Today I had a call with a family member, and I excitedly shared some updates about some great work related opportunities, including speaking on a prominent Qigong summit and teaching opportunity at a 5 star retreat center that had come my way that I felt quite proud of. To my shock, this family member was doubtful of my situation, and asked how it was even possible. What continued was a conversation where this family member continued to express disbelief and tried to logically analyze and make sense of the steps I followed…

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Year in Review 2022 Part 2

Year-In Review 2022 Part 2: Da Cosa Nasce Cosa  A thread unraveling  By the end of where I was in part 1 of my Year-In-Review I was emotionally, mentally and psychologically spent, disappointed at myself at overestimating my capacity to take things on, resulting in my failure to realize the full potential of any of them. There was also a tinge of regret of not having really rested properly during Winter (Dec 21' - Feb 22'), a deep longing of mine, being a teacher and practitioner of cyclical wisdom and seasonal living myself. Shifting gears: Doing Nothing, Being Honest, Saying…

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Year in Review 2022 Bridge: A little (long) story and a gift

Year-in-Review bridge: A little (long) story and a gift 🎁 Hearing the impulse and following the call I originally intended to write a single Year-in-Review post, but as I started writing it I realised 2022 was too rich to be summarized in a single post. So I settled on having 2 parts to the Year-in-Review. Then some unexpected events unfolded, which led me to take inspired action and write the post below, originally written as a newsletter to my mailing list, then shared on Facebook, was created. Kind words have come to me expressing how inspiring and beautiful the story…

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Year in Review 2022 Part 1

Year-In Review 2022 Part I: The beginning of something magical Making space for Magic to unfold  What a year! 2022 has been full of ups and downs. So much has happened it's impossible to summarize it within a post, so I've split it into two parts, this first detailing most of Jan-May 2022 which was overflowing, busy and very Yang 阳 active in nature. Join my mailing list (scroll down to the bottom) to be notified when part 2 is published. Reconciling Yin-Yang 阴阳: A special friendship COVID took many of us by surprise. My response in 2021 was to…

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The moon is always full

One of the first things I learnt as a yoga teacher-in-training in 2016 was the meaning of YOGA - to Yoke, to unite. Yoga is the continual practice of returning to the realisation that you are, and have been, whole. Though this idea resonated deeply with me, it seemed both simple and obvious. I thought I internalised it right away. With the passage of time however, I forgot this seemingly obvious idea. I chased one after another milestone; I did what I had been conditioned to becoming so good at: striving. It was when I came across the concept of…

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The Droplet, A Watercolour Painting Of A Droplet Rising Above An Ocean Wave, Came To Me Through The Process Of Allowing

Where do you feel home?

The story of a droplet on her way home to the ocean There is home, where you were born- the traditions you never questioned, the language you first learnt to speak, and the people with whom you share your blood. I was born in Singapore, a tiny island near the equator in South East Asia, to two teachers. Growing up my mother told me to 'always do your best', while my dad told me to 'take initiative' in all I do. As the second of three daughters in a family of five I slipped easily into the role of balancing…

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Remembering Yin-Yang | 铭记阴阳

In the last days of 2021 as a flurry of new year-related posts start to flood my social media feed, Bernie Clark's gentle yet radical article on adopting a Yin approach to new year resolutions crosses my path. Bernie notes that most resolutions are Yang 阳, about changing or doing- I will lose x kilos, make $x, find a new romantic partner, so on and advocates instead for adopting a Yin 阴 approach, prioritising acceptance, compassion and being- I will love my body as it is, I will feel grateful and abundant with my existing financial and living situation, appreciate…

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