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Full Moon Rituals

12 Magical Full Moon rituals to ground your energy

12 Magical Full Moon Rituals to try and 3 things to avoid during this Full Moon How to ground and harvest energy using Full Moon Rituals The light of the full moon is often fiery, bright and bold. If you're like me, you might feel overwhelmed by the full moon energy, or struggle with insomnia. You might also feel surge of energy, emotions or thoughts as your inner outer worlds simultaneously expand and emotions rise with the tides. Here are 12 full moon rituals to help you ground your energy and harvest the full moon energy of courage, compassion and…

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The moon is always full

One of the first things I learnt as a yoga teacher-in-training in 2016 was the meaning of YOGA - to Yoke, to unite. Yoga is the continual practice of returning to the realisation that you are, and have been, whole. Though this idea resonated deeply with me, it seemed both simple and obvious. I thought I internalised it right away. With the passage of time however, I forgot this seemingly obvious idea. I chased one after another milestone; I did what I had been conditioned to becoming so good at: striving. It was when I came across the concept of…

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