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15 Perfect Gifts for Creatives: Spark Your Creativity

As a Creativity and Productivity coach I’m often asked by my clients what are the tools, resources and best gifts for Creatives. Whether you’re an artist, writer, creative director, designer, or just someone who loves to explore new ideas, I’ve curated this list of 15 gifts for creatives and resources to spark your creativity that are sure to light up your creative fire. So, whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift for that special creative soul in your life, let’s discover what sparks joy and inspiration.

Gifts for creatives

Gifts for Creatives to Beat Procrastination

Ah, procrastination… the arch-nemesis of creatives everywhere! It’s that sneaky urge to put off our brilliant ideas until later, usually while we binge-watch cat videos or rearrange our sock drawer. With these tools and gifts for creatives in your arsenal, you can kick procrastination to the curb and unleash your creative power:

Gifts for Creatives: Productivity & overcoming Procrastination

1. Creative Challenges: Procrastination to Inspired Action Live Challenge & Guided Audio Course 

There’s nothing quite like challenging yourself to stretch your creative muscles with challenges. In this 5 Star rated  guided audio course and challenge designed for master procrastinators, you’ll learn how to break free from procrastination and avoidance, and master inspired action through the Power of the Creative cycle and group accountability. You’ll learn about the common obstacles faced during the Creative Cycle, and how to overcome these to step into your full creative power. 

The Disruptive Cycle behaviours

You’ll be guided to take inspired yet imperfect action on a personal project you’ve been putting off. Get the audio course here – you’ll be automatically subscribed to join the Live Procrastination to Inspired Action Challenge!

2. Caveday, Virtual Accountability Community Membership

For those of us who work alone remotely, it can be hard to manage the procrastination monster. One of my favourite tools is Caveday, a Virtual Co-working and Accountability community. Caveday offers structured virtual coworking sessions and workshops designed to help members focus on their work and achieve their goals.

Participants join online “caves” where they commit to working on their tasks for set periods of time while being held accountable by a trained facilitator and a supportive community. These sessions incorporate techniques such as time-blocking, goal-setting, and peer accountability to maximize productivity and combat procrastination. As a member and facilitator at Caveday myself, I can only highly recommend it! Join Caveday for only $1 a month here. 

3. To Do List App

Overwhelm is one of the leading reasons why we procrastinate. To reduce overwhelm, keep a schedule, a visual tally / overview of all your projects or have to-do list to go through it systematically. I have and excel spreadsheet to track deadlines and progress of writing, coaching and creative projects which I update and check periodically. I highly recommend the app To Do list

To Do list is designed to help you organize your tasks, set reminders, and keep track of your progress across different devices. The app allows you to create lists, add tasks with due dates and priorities, set reminders, and even collaborate with others on shared lists. To Do syncs seamlessly with other Microsoft services like Outlook, allowing you to integrate your tasks with your email and calendar. Its clean interface and user-friendly features, make it a winner for Creatives looking to stay organized and productive.

Looking for more productivity tips? Explore 12 Time Management Tips to do more in less time. 

4. Private Accountability Coaching

Private accountability coaching offers a personalized and tailored approach to tackling procrastination and igniting creative inspiration. By working one-on-one with a dedicated coach like me, you can identify specific challenges and develop strategies to overcome them. Whether it’s setting achievable goals, creating structured routines, or breaking down daunting tasks into manageable steps, accountability coaching provides the support and guidance needed to stay on track.

Gifts for Creatives - Private accountability coaching

Private coaching ensures that you stay committed to your objectives, with regular check-ins and encouragement. With this personalized support system in place, you can overcome procrastination, tap into your creative potential, and embark on a journey of inspired action towards achieving your goals.

Gifts for Creatives for Inspiration & Ideas 

For creatives, keeping that inspirational flame burning bright and ideas flowing is like having a secret superpower! It’s what keeps our creative engines revving and our imaginations buzzing with excitement. When inspiration strikes, it’s like catching lightning in a bottle—magical and electrifying! With a constant flow of fresh ideas, we get to embark on thrilling adventures of creativity, exploring new horizons and dreaming up the extraordinary.

Plus, staying inspired is like having a trusty sidekick, cheering us on through the ups and downs of our creative journey. These gifts for creatives will help keep the creative juices flowing and let your imaginations run wild—it’s where the real magic happens!

Gifts for Creatives to Spark ideas and Imagination

5. Inspiring Book Gifts for Creatives

Oh, the places a good book can take you! Dive into the world of creativity with titles like “The Creative Act” by Rick Rubin or “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. These books are like a warm embrace for your creative soul, offering insights, encouragement, and a gentle nudge to keep creating—perfect resources to spark your creativity.

6. SkillShare: Online Course Gifts for Creatives

Expand your skills and knowledge with online courses and tutorials from platforms like SkillShare. There’s always something new to learn, and these courses are the perfect gifts for creatives and a surefire way to level up your creative game, serving as essential resources to spark your creativity.

7. Sketchbooks and Journals

There’s something magical about the feeling of a fresh, blank page just waiting to be filled with your thoughts and ideas. Gift yourself a beautiful sketchbook or journal—the kind that feels like an extension of your creative spirit. I love Wreck This Journal, but there are tons others that you might enjoy! Explore 10 Guided Journals to spark your creativity here

8. Creative Workshops

Let’s face it—there’s always room to grow and learn as a creative. Why not gift yourself an in-person workshop or class tailored to your interests? Whether it’s painting, pottery, photography, or creative writing, these hands-on experiences are sure to fuel your passion and inspire new ideas, acting as invaluable resources to spark your creativity.

Gifts for creatives: Creative workshops

9. Subscription to Creative Magazines

Stay inspired and up-to-date with the latest trends and insights from the creative world with a gift subscription to Creative Magazines like The Gentlewoman or Kinfolk. Trust me, flipping through the pages of these magazines is like taking a journey into the minds of fellow creatives, serving as essential resources to spark your creativity.

10. Creative Retreats

Imagine escaping to a serene retreat where you can immerse yourself in your craft without any distractions. Sound like a dream? Gift yourself to a creative retreat or residency—it’s the ultimate gift of dedicated time and space to focus on your passion, serving as essential resources to spark your creativity. Explore 9 Creative retreats for artists, writers and musicians.

11. Art Prints and Decor

Surround yourself with inspiration by adorning your space with art prints, posters, and decorative items that speak to your creative soul. Whether it’s supporting independent artists or choosing prints from your favorite creators, these will breathe life into your surroundings—essential resources to spark your creativity.

Gifts for Creatives for Creating & Making

Creating is the lifeblood of creativity and innovation. In this section we explore 4 gifts for creatives to ignite the spark of imagination, express your ideas and explore your creative potential.

Gifts for Creatives: Creation and making

12. Art & Craft Supplies & Gifts for Creatives

Indulge in the joy of creating with premium art supplies that speak to your inner artist. From paints and brushes to pencils and markers, there’s something incredibly satisfying about using high-quality tools to bring your vision to life. These supplies act as essential resources to spark your creativity and fuel your imagination.

13. DIY Kits

Unleash your inner maker with DIY kits that provide everything you need to create something beautiful with your own hands. Whether it’s a candle-making kit or a DIY terrarium set, these kits are pure magic waiting to happen—essential resources to spark your creativity.

14. Inspiration Boards and Mood Boards

Capture your ideas and inspirations with physical or digital inspiration boards. Whether it’s a cork board in your studio or a Pinterest board filled with images and quotes that resonate with you, these boards are like visual love letters to your creativity—essential resources to spark your creativity.

15. Workspace Organization Tools

Create a clutter-free workspace that fosters creativity and productivity with organizers, storage solutions, and ergonomic furniture. Trust me, a well-organized workspace is like a blank canvas just waiting for your next masterpiece—essential resources to spark your creativity.

Gifts for Creatives: Creativity is a Journey

Creativity is a journey—a wild, wonderful, and sometimes messy journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected moments of brilliance. So go ahead, treat yourself to any of these 15 gifts for creatives that speak to your passion and potential. Whether it’s a beautiful sketchbook, a workshop that ignites your curiosity, or a retreat that nourishes your soul, remember to always keep creating and embracing the magic that lies within. After all, the world is waiting for your unique brand of creativity to shine.

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