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How to do a monthly reflection: DIY Quick & Easy Monthly Reflection

Happy March! February was a short month, and things really moved quickly for me. If I had to pick 3 words to describe February, they would be mind-blowing, expansive and intense. How about you? How was last month for you? It’s tempting to rush into March and let everything just be swept under the rug. But I’ve found it really powerful to set aside even just 15-20 minutes for a monthly reflection to look back on the 28 days that’s now behind us. If you’re short on time, below are the 5 questions I recommend to reflect back on monthly.

Monthly reflection journaling
Monthly reflection journaling

5 Step DIY Easy Monthly Reflection Ritual:

Step 1: Set a timer for 20 minutes. If you procrastinate, listen to this audio to do it.

Step 2: Grab your diary, your digital or paper planner or agenda if you use one, and intentionally look back on the month that has passed.

Step 3: Journal on each these questions for about 2-5 minutes each (depending on how long you have).

  1. Pick 1 word to sum up your experience of last month.
  2. Think back to the last time you felt inspired, or your favourite day last month. What unfolded? Who were you with? What were you doing?
  3. What was 1 thing you wanted to do, or wished to happen, but didn’t do or it didn’t happen as expected?
  4. What did you learn about yourself, others, the world, or your relationship with yourself, others or the world from that experience?
  5. How would you like to close the last month and move into the new month? Pick a word or a 3 word mantra.

Step 4. When you finish, remember to take time to process it all, especially if it was a challenging month or lots of unexpected situations came up.

Step 5. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you any longer. You can do this in various ways, including a .

Let me know how it goes! Like with most things, this isn’t a quick fix, but something that if and when you come back to again and again, will reap incremental benefits.


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