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How to become a successful Yoga Teacher: 3 Mistakes to avoid

Are you a new yoga teacher, or yoga teacher trainee looking for tips on how to become a successful Yoga Teacher?

Is no one contributing to your ‘by-donation’ yoga classes?

Are your students asking when your next class is, but not showing up when you teach them?

Are you tired from teaching 5 classes a week, to 1-2 students each time for $5, or worse still, $0?

How to become a successful Yoga Teacher


This was me, 8 years back when first I started out as a Yoga teacher. I’ve since then taught for 5 Star resorts, Yoga studios and gyms across Asia and Europe, making a sustainable living through my passion. If you’d like to quit your day job, become a successful Yoga Teacher and  make a sustainable living through yoga teaching full time here are my 3 top tips:

How to become a successful Yoga teacher – esp. new teachers: 3 Mistakes to avoid and tips for what you should do instead:

1. STOP offering by donation classes.

As teachers we want to support those in need, but you aren’t a charity. You are offering a valid and skilled service.

INSTEAD: Offer sliding scale classes, or have a limited number of ‘low income’ or scholarship slots per class (that people have to commit to show up for)

2. STOP offering standalone / drop in classes!

This increases the likelihood of no-show, because it becomes ‘just a yoga class’, which anyway is ‘by-donation’, so no big deal if your student doesn’t feel like going, right?

INSTEAD: Start thinking of your classes in terms of Programs, journeys or Packages. Teach them about something. Take your students somewhere from point A -> B.

3. STOP trying to please ALL your students by teaching 7, 10, 15 classes a week.

You’ll burn out super fast, and only have 1, 2, or worse still, NO students show up per class. The more options you offer people, the easier it is for them, but not for you!

INSTEAD: Do a poll on the preferred class timings. Concentrate your offerings into 1, or at most 2 classes weekly for your program. Less is more! Those who can’t join live can watch the replay.

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