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Yin Water Rabbit Year 2023 🐇癸卯年: Energetic Forecast 

Water becomes Wood: A year to Manifest magic

Forecast for Yin Water Rabbit Year 2023  

Happy Lunar New year! Welcome to the Yin Water Rabbit Year 2023, an occurrence that hasn’t happened since 1963! To understand the energetics of this lunar year we must first understand how this system works. Each Lunar year is represented by 3 components:

  • Yin 阴 or Yang 阳
  • Heavenly Stem 天干: One of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) and
  • Earthly branch 地支: one of the twelve zodiac animals (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig), which each also correspond to a specific Five Elemental nature 

The Heavenly stem relates to intangible, spiritual realm while the Earthly branch relates to the tangible, physical world, especially the environment and economy. Let’s look at them collectively as a whole, then dive into each of these aspects separately before exploring the lucky and unlucky forces of 2023. 

Yin Water Rabbit Year 2023: Overall Energetics – Magical, Harmonious Water Wood relationship

As 2023 is a Water Rabbit Year and Rabbit is associated with Yin Wood. Hence, this is a Water Wood Year. Each element may either support or be in conflict with another. In the creation or birthing cycle, Water gives rise to, or feeds Wood, hence this year the Elements are in harmony, indicating balance of Yin-Yang, and thus the likelihood of prosperity, peace and growth. It is crucial this year to connect with the energy of rest as symbolised by Water, so it can feed your drive and momentum to create, initiate and begin to take action to manifest your dreams into reality (associated with Wood). If there’s too much doubt/fear it can affect your action-taking, and if there’s too much activity (wood) can exhaust your water, so it’s important to find a balance between Action vs. Repose.

Some Yang Sheng 养生 (Life Cultivation) Tips:

  • Overall approach: Li chun 立春 Spring starts Feb 4 – Bear in mind that rabbit emerges as a baby, it’s important to be tender and careful, not rushing but instead allowing time for yourself, your projects and relationships to mature and grow.
  • Diet: Avoid overeating and drinking (rabbit = springtime) – light cooking.
  • Emotions: Drinking apple cider vinegar with water (optional honey), regular movement e.g. Yoga, Qigong and a mindfulness practice centered on cultivating compassion can help relax the liver, the tendons and balance anger, annoyance, impatience, signs of wood (Rabbit) energy when out of balance.
  • Meditation & Visualization: See yourself as having a taproot that grows into the ground and pulls up the water and wisdom, which you can use to navigate the year, to grow and sprout and share knowledge and support yourself as well as others.

Yin Water Rabbit Year 2023: Rabbit Energetics 🐇 

In Asian mythology, the Rabbit is associated with peace, prosperity and longevity. Here are some other associations with the Rabbit and the associated Yin Wood for the Water Rabbit Year 2023. A complete table of the associations with Wood can be found here

  • Rising Yang energy (initiation, creativity, exploration)
  • Organ: Liver
  • Season: Spring
  • Direction: East
  • Colour: Green
  • Month of year: March
  • Qualities and strengths: Wisdom, ambition, skill, vitality
  • Flavour: Sour flavour 
  • Foods for balancing this energy: Green veggies, fermented foods, lamb, pork
  • Reproduction 
  • Dog is the rabbit’s secret friend (protector)
  • Auspicious triad of animals: Rabbit, sheep, pig – If you are born in years governed by these you’ll be lucky this year!
  • Less lucky: Dragon and rooster 

Yin Water Rabbit Year 2023: Water Energetics 💧

In the Five Elements 五行, Water is the most malleable and adaptable, and being the most Yin, it is closes to the Source, the Dao 道. Below are some associations with the Water Element (More on the Five Elements here). A complete table of the associations with Water can be found here

  • Peak Yin energy
  • Direction: North, Flowing downward
  • Qualities: Mystical light energy, wisdom, mysterious, Flexibility and flow
  • Emotion when out of balance: Fear, doubt
  • Season: Winter,
  • Meridian organs and channels: Kidneys, Urinary Bladder

Yin Water Rabbit Year 2023: Yin Energetics ☯️

Yin-Yang are two equal and opposing yet complementary forces that underpin the all that exists in the world. If Yang is a verb, Yin is a noun. You can read more about applying Yin-Yang in real life in this blog post here. To connect with the Yin energy of this year you can try these:

  • Retreat: Take time to nap, rest / lie down to replenish your energy (great for kidneys)
  • Ensure you have a good transition to nighttime and rest e.g. a wind-down ritual
  • Harness the energy of the Moon by synching your activities with the moon cycles, having moon rituals i.e. Setting intentions on New Moon, releasing doubt, fear, things that no longer serve you during Full Moon etc.
  • Connect with the approach of allowing things to unfold in your life as opposed to striving, driving things.
  • Having tender discipline by engaging in self-care and self-cultivation rituals such as breathing exercises e.g. box breathing, Loving kindness / meta meditation can be helpful to dissolve doubt and fear and cultivate creativity

If you’d like to find out more about other aspects of the Yin Water Rabbit Year 2023, below you can find some resources from esteemed Qigong Masters, Healers and Astrologers on the lucky and unlucky forces as well as the more granular aspects of what this year may bring for you (depending on the year you were born). I hope you enjoyed reading this!

What are looking forward this lunar year? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or email me 🙂

Further readings and resources:

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