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Hello, my name is Wenlin.

I write, draw, and make things. My writing takes inspiration from the conversations with others, observations from my surroundings and my artistic pursuits, and often take the form of stories that celebrate the whimsy in everyday life or question the human condition.

My work has been featured both locally and overseas: The Giant and the Bird, a travel story, has been anthologised in PLACES, a collection of stories by Epigram Books and NLB Singapore. The droplet & other short stories, a collection of short stories & illustrated imageshas been featured at Singapore Art Book Fair, Scotland Book Week and Dublin Art Book Fair. I also co-mentor on learning-based retreats with behavioural researcher Luca Dell’Anna, and teach classes on art and mindfulness.

Do you want to chat, or have a story you’d like someone to tell? Write me.

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