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You Don't Have To Prove Yourself To Anyone

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone

You don't have to prove yourself to anyone Today I had a call with a family member, and I excitedly shared some updates about some great work related opportunities, including speaking on a prominent Qigong summit and teaching opportunity at a 5 star retreat center that had come my way that I felt quite proud of. To my shock, this family member was doubtful of my situation, and asked how it was even possible. What continued was a conversation where this family member continued to express disbelief and tried to logically analyze and make sense of the steps I followed…

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Year in Review 2022 Bridge: A little (long) story and a gift

Year-in-Review bridge: A little (long) story and a gift 🎁 Hearing the impulse and following the call I originally intended to write a single Year-in-Review post, but as I started writing it I realised 2022 was too rich to be summarized in a single post. So I settled on having 2 parts to the Year-in-Review. Then some unexpected events unfolded, which led me to take inspired action and write the post below, originally written as a newsletter to my mailing list, then shared on Facebook, was created. Kind words have come to me expressing how inspiring and beautiful the story…

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