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Online Qigong and Yoga classes / trainings 

Below are the upcoming online Qigong & Yoga programs for Yoga Teachers, Healers, Creatives and Changemakers with embodied movement specialist Wenlin Tan.

Want to join a program or training but unable to do so because of financial difficulties? Limited financial support reduced rate spaces available for BIPOC & individuals in financial difficulty. please email Wenlin for details.

Women’s Yoga Teacher’s Circle flow: 

🌱 Arrivals, Check-in & Centering

🌱 Greetings and connections with our circle of Women Yoga Teachers

🌱 Guided progression from stillness to movement, intuition to action: Water-element focused Yin segment, followed by Wood-element Qigong forms nourish your capacity to plant seeds to spark growth & change within your being

🌱 Self connection: Guided reflection, journaling to connect with your heart-felt intention

🌱 Group support & connection: Accountability through pairs/mini-groups to support you to realise your visions

🌱 Leave feeling inspired, energized & expansive.

Grow your Garden: Women’s Yoga Teacher’s Circle

“Wenlin’s masterclasses are intelligently structured to draw out what is deep inside you.” – Rebecca, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist & Mentee

This is a Women’s Yoga Teachers accountability & support circle to help you to connect with your heartfelt intention & help you realize your 2022 vision. In preparation for the Spring season of 2022, be guided to pick your seeds and tend to the soil of your heart so you may ignite growth and change in your life and the lives of your students. All Women Yoga Teachers are welcome to join in this circle of belonging to nurture your garden.

Note: This is Part I. Part II, the next Women’s Yoga Teacher’s circle will happen before early Spring, Mar 22′.

Who should join: 

Women Yoga Teachers, enrollment is limited to 18.

Investment: Fee includes live participation, 1 week recording access & reflection journal pdf.

  • $59 USD Regular pricing

  • $39 USD Early Bird pricing ends 24 January 2022 Monday.  Use Coupon Code IAMINSPIRED when registering.

  • Limited reduced-rate spaces available for BIPOC & Teachers in financial difficulty, email [email protected]

Dates / Times:

  • Sunday 30 January  15:30 – 17:30 (London) | 16:30 – 18:30 CET (Rome) | 07:30 – 09:30 PT (San Francisco) | 10:30 – 12:30 ET (New York)
  • 120 minutes
  • All sessions will be held via Zoom.

Sample class flow: In each session you’ll be guided to…

❤️ Check in with your heart to notice how your heart’s been feeling recently.
❤️ Experience a mudra (hand gesture) to connect with your heart-uterus meridian and center in the feeling of gladness.
❤️ Connect with your heart chakra & middle dantian (elixir field) through a heart-centred, Qigong practice that includes shaking, tapping, slapping and gentle, fluid, flowing movements.
❤️ Hear your heart’s inner wisdom via the deeply nourishing practice of Yoga Nidra, Yogic sleep, a form of lying-down meditation to access the liminal space between waking and sleeping.
❤️ Conclude with a short reflection exercise & start your week feeling inspired, spirited and whole.

Flowing Heart: 5 Week Qigong & Yoga Nidra Course

“Wenlin is an excellent yoga teacher, competent, knowledgeable, soft and strong. Me and my sister did a yoga retreat with her in Singapore, and ever since I’m following her classes online all the way from France!” – Marguerite, journalist from France, previous Yoga Retreat participant

Flow from the wisdom of your heart with 5 weeks of Winter Qigong and Yoga Nidra to lift your spirits and leave you feeling inspired and whole. Each class will begin with a short introduction & theme, followed by Qigong, a gentle inner energy cultivation practice rooted in Chinese Medicine, to clear, circulate and consolidate the energy within your body. We will then conclude with Yoga Nidra, a lying-down form of sensory withdrawal and conscious relaxation that engages both your left brain (logical, thinking mind), right brain (creative, ‘feeling’ mind), relaxes your body and connects you with your heart. 

Who should join: 

Creatives, Yoga Teachers, Healers, Changemakers & Intuitives who want to tap into your heart’s wisdom. To ensure adequate attention to each participant, enrollment is limited to 12.

Course details: 

  •  5 Group guided online Qigong & Yoga Nidra sessions to tap into your heart’s wisdom to lift your spirits and leave you inspired. Each session concludes with a short guided reflection exercise to spark inspiration
  • A 30 minute private coaching session with Wenlin (Worth US$60). Private coaching sessions to be scheduled separately. All sessions will be held via Zoom.
  • Includes recording access for 7 weeks (including 2 weeks after) so you can join live or watch the recording.


  • $299 USD

  • $199 USD Early Bird pricing ends 28 February, 2022 Monday.  Use Coupon Code HEARTCENTRED when registering.

Dates / Times:

  • Sundays February 20, 27, and March 6, 13, 20
  • 10:00-11:15 Eastern Time (New York) 16:00 – 17:15 Central European Time | 75 minutes
  • All sessions will be held via Zoom.

Sequencing Spring Yoga & Qigong for Yoga Teachers

“Thank you for a wonderful & informative masterclass!” – Jacqueline, Yoga Teacher & past masterclass participant

Learn two Qigong forms for Liver health to Detox & improve your Focus, relating to the Wood Element (Liver/Gallbladder). Qigong is a mind-body energy-cultivation practice with roots in Chinese Medicine that coordinates your body (調身), breath (調息), and heart-mind (調心). This session will include theory as well as movement.  Beginners to Qigong are welcome. INVESTMENT: US$49 | S$67 includes

  • 1.5 CEUs with Yoga Alliance USA
  • Certificate of completion
  • Live participation on Zoom
  • 2 weeks recording access afterwards. Link will be sent to your registered email.

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