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Yoga Teacher Resources

Welcome to the page for Yoga Teacher Resources. Here you will can find Expert interviews to help you elevate your teaching and leave lasting impact in the world. Want to personalised support? Book a free 15 min chat to find out how I can help you.

Yoga Teacher resources: Art of Teaching Yoga series

Learn how to elevate your Yoga teaching and leave lasting impact from Expert Yoga Teachers I interview. Subscribe to Qigong & Yoga with Wenlin on Youtube for latest releases.

In this expert interview with Dr Uma Dinsmore Tuli, you’ll learn about Uma’s journey with Yoga, how her work evolved as a Yoga Teacher, Therapist and mother, and Yoni Shakti / Womb Yoga : her training and book on Yoga Therapy for Women, the importance of Yoga Nidra, and how Yoga can be a tool for activism and change in the world. Find out more about Uma’s work: Yoga Nidra Network

Register for her upcoming October Women’s Yoga Therapy training:

In this expert interview with professor, psychologist & pioneer of Somatic Yoga Dr. Eleanor Criswell Hanna you’ll learn about Somatic Yoga, how it relates to embodiment, Biofeedback training, and how this approach can help you guide your students to self-direct, self-regulate & self-heal. About Eleanor:…

and Hana Somatic Training:

In this expert interview with Yoga educator and esteemed author Bernie Clark Yoga and Science Stuff you’ll learn about skeletal variation, functional vs. aesthetic Yoga, why intention is important, why you should avoid binary instructions when teaching Yoga, and a whole lot more! About Bernie: and his YouTube page:…

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