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Because I have to hunger

City living places immense stress and a prevailing sense of loneliness within the confines of spaces, both around and within us. Because I have to Hunger is an immersive installation comprising eight Augmented Reality (AR) powered postcards hidden within a…

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Identity comprises layers; including but not limited to occupation, gender, and nationality. Those native of Crete, the largest island in Greece, associate themselves with being Greek but are also fiercely proud of their Cretan heritage and history, which is unique…

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We are not things

We are not things is a collection of thoughts and images put together following the the performance of Brush,  a participatory art installation & performance for Bodyfront Belgrade, as part of Inspiring Change Artist residency showcase, Društveni centar NNK, Belgrade,…

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A small but powerful object, the passport is one of the most important documents that may come within our possession. Beyond a travel document, today it is a highly-prized and widely discussed commodity that possesses the power to shape one’s…

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Tudo Azul / All Blue

Urbanization is one of the biggest issues of the 21st century. With education and employment opportunities being concentrated in cities, rural areas have become forgotten, forsaken and ‘unseen’. Tudo Azul / All Blue is a work that uses sculpture as…

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Artistic representations of the human body can be found in nearly every culture in the world, demonstrating the central role the body plays in art. Often viewed as a contested terrain, on which struggles over control and resistance are fought out in contemporary societies, the body of another can also be seen as a tool: utilized to fulfil one’s desires and motives.

Brush is a participatory art installation & performance that questions the influence external agents such as political entities, galleries, and private collectors, have on artists and their art.

By inviting participants to use the artist’s body to paint, the paintings created are directly influenced by external agents, and the artist is reduced to the inanimate – a performative instrument devoid of autonomy, utilized to achieve objectives of the other. The paintings were produced in-situ during the performance.

Materials used are acrylic paint on paper, body and time.

First performed at Bodyfront Belgrade, Inspiring Change Artist residency showcase, Društveni centar NNK, Belgrade, Serbia.

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The Giant & the bird

The Giant & the bird is an original short story with accompanying illustrations, published within PLACES, an anthology of travel writing & illustrations, by National Library Board Singapore & Epigram Books. The work was created following a 3-month mentorship program…

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The droplet

The droplet & other short stories is a collection of original short stories. The feature story & original painting, Ride the Wave was created in support of marine conservation and explores man's relationship with nature through a droplet's journey to embody man's…

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Azadi / Freedom

Azadi / Freedom comprises of two works inspired by primary research findings, specifically, a face-to-face interview with Asif, an Afghan refugee who has resettled in Edinburg, in collaboration with COLOURSedinburgh. The work was exhibited and auctioned as part of ongoing efforts to…

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