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I often get questions from students on where to find resources. Here’s a list I recommend:

Art & creating: 

Often, we don’t truly draw from observation. We draw what our mind conjures up.

  • Learn to draw what you SEE.  A useful resource is Drawing on the right sight of the brain: A book on how to draw what you see.
  • A simple hack you can try – when drawing from a photo, turn it upside down, then start drawing. This will make it difficult for your mind to ‘fill up’ or draw from imagination instead of drawing what you actually see

Practice makes perfect. Websites such as artistsnetwork and artsy are a wealth of resources.

Mindfulness & living:  

Mindfulness takes time to cultivate, and can be practised using various ways including art, yoga and meditation. Some useful resources:

  • This is a great article on the ‘RAIN’ principle, a psychology/therapy technique for self-recovery when you find yourself overwhelmed by situations.
  • My personal favourite is The School of Life, a UK-based publisher that gets academics and experts to write and run courses on topics like ‘How to find a job you love’, ‘How to change the world’, ‘How to choose a partner’ etc. Find them on Youtube, or read their books (available at libraries, and bookstores e.g. Kinokuniya)

Questions/comments? I’d love to hear them.

Happy learning!

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