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Aqua Yoga for Back, Knee and Joint pain

Do you suffer from back, knee or joint pain? Is your pain stopping you from living your life fully?

Moving gracefully with good body balance, breathing freely and living free of tension and anxiety are fundamental aspects of wellbeing. During times of stress and when we are afflicted by ailments both physical and mental, therapeutic aqua yoga sequences facilitate access to holistic recovery. Aqua Yoga, which merges the mind-body benefits of Yoga with the healing properties of water can improve your mobility and help alleviate your pain.

Book a private session of Aqua Bodywork to restore fluidity in your body. 

Each session combines the therapeutic effects of Aqua Yoga and the relaxing benefits of Watsu-inspired Aqua floatation:


Aqua Yoga is low-impact, accesible form of yoga that many bodies can enjoy, especially if you have joint pain, prior injuries or mobility issues. In the water, joints are supported allowing free movement while also acting as resistance to help strengthen muscles. Yoga in the water challenges balance and illuminates the quality of breath.

– Reduce tension & alleviate pain
– Help to build strength, improve flexibility & stability in your back & spine
– Establish mindfulness, connecting with your thoughts, feelings, sensation


Developed in 1980 by Harold Dull, Watsu is the world’s first form of Aquatic Bodywork and the principle form of Aquatic therapy for mind and body relaxation. It is based on the premise that movement which works on stretching within water enables connection at a myofascial level (connective tissue). This increases ease of movement (mobility of joints, fascia) and provides a supported, calm environment conducive for deep relaxation. Within a deep relaxed state, the sympathetic is quietened while the parasympathetic nervous system is enhanced, reducing stress, chronic pain, trauma.


Wenlin can facilitate a session any day at a time convenient for you, at pool near your home / workplace. It is recommended to have the class later in the day (after 2pm) so the pool water is warm. This makes the pool more conducive for deep relaxation.

Single trial class: €35 | S$70 (first-timers only!)
60 mins 4 pack: €35 | S$70/each (€140 |S$280 total) – Can be shared between 2 friends/family, valid for 3 weeks
60 mins 2 pack: €45 | S$80/each (€90 | S$160 total) – valid for 3 weeks
60 mins Single session: €50 | $90

Email [email protected] for more details

If you’d like individualized classes but have a limited budget, grab your friends / family for mini group classes (2-4 people) at your home.


I am  certified to teach Aqua Yoga, an am among the pioneering batch of Aqua Yoga teachers who received the Well Woman Aqua Yoga Teacher Diploma from renowned international institute Birthlight, with founder Françoise Freedman. The course combines Françoise Freedman’s innovative Well Woman Yoga and Aqua Yoga, integrating the qualities of water to promote women’s greater wellbeing through the life cycle. I prioritize your safety; being CPR and anatomy-trained, you will be guided safely and provided adaptations to suit your range of movement and condition.

Birthlight Aqua Yoga is different from other types of Aqua sports:

  • It merges the mind-body benefits of Yoga with the therapeutic quality of water
  • It incorporates both floating yoga postures, dynamic aqua-yoga walks and uses of pool floor and pool walls.
  • Practices a adapreted for non-swimmers or those with a limited range of motion by using buoyancy aids such as floats and swimming noodles
  • Priority is given to the expansion of the breath and to relaxed stretching in fluid moves

Below is a short video of my teacher Francoise explaining about the benefits of Aqua yoga. This video was shot by my friend, film maker and fellow teacher Sara Pozzoli

Unsure if Aqua Yoga is suitable for you?

Book a free consultation over whatsapp or video call:

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