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I’m Wenlin Tan:

I specialize in supporting changemakers and creatives like you move from struggle and striving to achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams with flow and ease.

Struggling from burnout at work? Navigating a tricky career / life pivot?

I’m here to help. My expertise in Burnout to Breakthrough coaching comes from my personal experience triumphing burnout: transitioning from a burnt-out research manager to successful 100% remote solopreneur, teaching for International brands like Twitter Singapore, SharkNinja China, WellSet USA, and EkhartYoga EU.

Through coaching with me, you’ll gain tried-and-tested tips and strategies from client success stories and my personal experience to ensure you navigate your career and life pivot successfully with confidence, clarity and ease. 

Are you tired of hustling? Ready to Work Smart, instead of Working hard?

All my life I’ve been a hustler – I’ve worked hard to get the opportunities, earn and maintain achievements I am proud to call mine. But there is a better way: Co-creating: FLOW.

Through Flow coaching with me you’ll learn how to release struggle and striving, step into an elevated way of operating so you can manifest opportunities beyond your wildest imagination, with flow and ease in your life.

I’ll share strategies and effective tips from client success stories, and my personal experience co-creating and manifesting opportunities like becoming speaker at the Qigong Global Summit, and teaching for 5 Star resorts such as the Westin Maldives.

Ready to go from hustling to flowing?

Let’s Connect

If you want to chat on a podcast, want hire me to lead a workshop or run a program your team or company, or have an idea for a collaboration, then let’s chat. Click below to contact me directly or email me.

Teaching a Women's Mindfulness Workshop

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FLOW Coaching

FLOW coaching will provide you with dedicated support on a topic of your choice. You’ll feel inspired and confident, with practical, actionable advice to help you overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals with ease.

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Enjoying my courses and meditations and want to support my mission to empower millions of people like you to live their best life? Your donation would help make that possible by subsidizing the operation of that mission.


Brands Wenlin has worked with including Kvix, Obonjan private island resort, Lyf, so on


“Wenlin is an excellent coach and yoga teacher, competent, knowledgeable, soft and strong. Me and my sister did a yoga retreat with her in Singapore, and ever since I’m following her all the way from France!”
– Marguerite, journalist from France, Island Yoga Retreat
Wenlin’s brain is priceless! I so much appreciate her! In one day she provided so many insights! She such a great asset to this group!
– Oleysa, Peer from Passion Business Academy.
Thanks for the inspiring Circle Wenlin! I am really loving the connection with Paulette, my accountability partner. Almost everyday I celebrate many small wins! Thank you for your continuous support and guidance.”
– Tihana, Yoga Teacher from Croatia

Tired of striving and trying to figure things out on your own?

Learn how to make things easy for yourself

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