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Click here to fill out the new client form. This form is a great way for me to get to know you a little bit, help you to articulate what you really need and see if we’re a good fit. When you’re finished, I will receive an email with your information and contact you shortly!

Are you confined at home under quarantine because of COVID-19?

Are you struggling to keep up with your yoga practice / physical activity?

I can guide you to practise at home through Skype / Zoom. This 5 week programme is created to keep up a regular yoga practice. We’ll meet online for an hour per week, on a day and at a time convenient for you. All you need is a yoga mat/towel, computer/laptop with stable internet connection. I will guide you to keep up a regular practice wherever you are.


Each private yoga session is different for everyone. Your specific goals and needs are of top priority, as well as teachings and postures, techniques that best suit your body, lifestyle and personality.

I usually begin each practice by checking in with you & your body, emotions and energy level, so that we can create the best experience for you. From there, I would recommend movement, themes, meditations, adjustments or modifications that support you through your practice.

During the session, I spend most of my time studying your body language, watching the way your breath moves and noticing patterns within your body and energy. This information to then used to enhance your practice. We might focus a lot on building a strong foundation through breathing techniques, alignment and how to balance effort and ease through movements. I also often incorporate yoga philosophy and how it relates to your life, or specific issues you may be working through.

5 Week Programme: S$300 / €190

At the beginning of the program, we’ll discuss and agree on goals relevant for you so the program can be designed to meet your current condition, schedule and needs. These can range from providing relief to stress, resolving insomnia, or restoring specific body areas e.g. lower back, shoulders, knee etc so you can feel and live better. After each session you will also receive a free recording of the session so you can revise the practice at a later time.

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