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Women’s Health Qigong & Yoga Specialist, Five Elements Coach
Wenlin Tan is a Women’s Health Qigong & Yoga Specialist & Five Elements coach who specializes in supporting women to heal and cultivate emotional and physical well-being through Five Elements coaching and the ancient wisdom traditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern Philosophy, Qigong, Yoga and Psychology.
Wenlin brings with her over 15 years experience working across the fields of health, psychology and wellness. Wenlin has consulted/worked for Figment (Co-living & wellness, Singapore), Caveday (USA, Productivity) and The Research Partnership (Healthcare, UK).

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“Wenlin’s masterclasses are intelligently structured to draw out what is deep inside you. She is genuinely curious and caring and draws from her own experience and continued studies and different disciplines to help you stand out from the crowd.” – Rebeca, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher
“Wenlin’s Qigong Flow is a wonderful practice with a nice combination of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Yoga blended together smoothly and comfortably.” – Gail, Yoga Teacher from USA
“Wenlin is an excellent yoga teacher, competent, knowledgeable, soft and strong. Me and my sister did a yoga retreat with her in Singapore, and ever since I’m following her all the way from France!” – Marguerite from France, Island Yoga Retreat

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