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ELEVATE: Beat fatigue, self-doubt and overwhelm and step in your feminine power as a Women Changemaker

What is this?

This 10 session 1-on-1 coaching program will support you in your capacity as a woman and changemaker to help you optimize your productivity, improve your time and energy management to feel focused and in flow through cyclical awareness, seasonality and self-regulation tools such as Qigong, Yoga and Meditation.

How will this work? How long will this last? How soon can I start?

  • Each session lasts between 60 or 75 minutes (sessions 1 & 10 are 75 minutes, sessions 2-9 are 60 minutes) and will be scheduled at a time and an interval based on your availability e.g. weekly or bi-weekly and be held on Zoom.
  • After each session you will receive access to Zoom recordings from each session and a small, digestible amount of coursework to be completed before the next session.
  • Depending on your schedule this could last between 10 to 20 weeks (2 – 4 months)
  • You can start as soon as you wish once you register.

🌱 Session 1 Earth: Foundation 

Be guided to unearth your self-limiting beliefs affecting your identify as a woman and changemaker and your relationship to the impact you want to effect in the world. Build a strong, unshakeable foundation and connection within. Rewrite these beliefs and thoughts in a positive and empowering manner to support you.

🌲 Session 2-3 Wood: Rising with Imperfect Action

Learn to track your cycles in a bulletproof manner that works for you and learn how to take small, tangible steps to align your work, social and family life according your seasons and cycle to maximize results and minimize effort and fatigue.

🔥 Sessions 4-5 Fire: Expanding in Authenticity & Focus 

Identify which season(s) you are most in alignment with and which you need more work on. Learn to create rituals to ground and create razor-sharp focus so you can achieve peak performance in your work. Be guided through a time and energy management audit to identify key areas for improvement and learn how to better manage your time & energy.

🎇 Sessions 6-7 Metal: Flowing with your Self-critic with Love 

Learn how to manage your fluctuating moods, how to flow with the energies of your Cycle day. Be guided through a relationships boundary assessment with self and others, to identify areas within the 4 crucial circles of family, work, community and self where boundaries are unclear or dissatisfactory to change and improve on. Learn the key ingredients for cultivating radical honesty and self-compassion and how to practice this on a daily basis to cohabitate with your Self-critic in a loving, supportive way.

💧 Sessions 8-9 Water: Revering in Retreat & Rest

Learn how to build discipline to take intentional breaks and rest from external commitments to others. Learn to tap into your intuitive wisdom to feed into your vision for the change you want to impact and change in the world. Receive guidance on creating an individualized practice to support you to rest adequately so you can attain peak performance and maximum impact in your work.

🌱 Session 10 Earth: Consolidate & Celebrate your Transformation  

Be guided through a final review and assessment to chart your progress from the beginning, identifying any further areas where continued work / practice is required. Consolidate your learnings and insights and take them with you into the world.

Through the 10 sessions you will grow through the 4 phases of Menstrual Cycle Awareness:

  1. Track your Cycle
  2. Align with your Cycle
  3. Flow with the energies of your Cycle day
  4. Practise Surrender and Presence

You establish clear, satisfactory and supportive boundaries within your 4 Crucial circles

  1. Family
  2. Work
  3. Community
  4. Self

What is the expected outcome? How will I feel after the program? 

You will feel confident, energized, focused, in flow and satisfied with your relationships with your work, family, and self as a woman. You will experience less fatigue, overwhelm and self-doubt with regards to your work and personal life.

How much does this cost? Are there payment plans? 

The investment for this 10 session individualized coaching program is US$1,200.

Register before 27 Mar Monday at only US$977, using the code ELEVATE

Payment plans are available – $110 monthly for 10 months email wenlin for details

How can I register?

Register below by clicking on the button below

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