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My experience with the beauty of nature in Rotorua, North Island in New Zealand.Home to the elusive kiwis, the place where the epic ‘LOTR’ movie series was shot, I spent my September drifting around in beautiful New Zealand.

Though I have considerably extensive travel experience, I had never backpacked before. A free-spirited friend of mine recently quit her job this year to travel in New Zealand and invited me to join her and so I jumped at the chance. I booked a budget flight to New Zealand and met her there, and together with another friend, a very cheerful German fellow called Rudy, whom she met while traveling there, we hitchhiked and backpacked around.

Though people say that the South Island in New Zealand is breathtaking, a place that I am particularly fond of is Rotorua in North Island. It is a place most recognized for it’s smell of ‘rotten eggs’ and thermal activity. But aside from the geysers, it’s also a place of breathtaking forests, lakes, and kindhearted people. We couch surfed for a few days in James’ place. We took walks around the red woods, had fun in the blue baths, did Zorbing, and strolled around the geyser parks. Looking back, those days seem so surreal.


Though I am already back here in Singapore, I still sometimes find myself dreaming about that lake in Rotorua.

If you haven’t been to New Zealand, you should because, I promise you will be smitten.


Wenlin Tan 陈文琳 is a growth consultant for female changemakers, embodied movement & mindfulness educator, Women’s Health & Well-being Specialist and curious human. She specializes in supporting female Changemakers to optimize their well-being and impact in the world by aligning with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern Philosophy, Qigong, Yoga and Psychology. Wenlin brings with her over 15 years experience conducting & overseeing market research, consulting and teaching across the fields of health, wellness, productivity and self-growth. Wenlin has consulted/worked for Figment (Co-living & wellness, Singapore), Caveday (USA, Productivity) and The Research Partnership (Healthcare, UK) and now specialises in supporting female changemakers to leave lasting impact in the world.

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