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Have you been constantly striving, racing from one goal to another?
Do you return home from work, feeling exhausted?
Do you sometimes wonder,
Is this all there is to life?
Like you, I’ve spent my entire life seeking the answer to this question. I tried many different things, and though each time I felt I was getting closer, I was never quite satisfied with the answer. It was through the practice of Yoga I realised the answer has been under my nose the whole time.
The word Yoga means ‘Union’. Some have called it the science of transformation, and it is a method or set of practices which include the practice of physical postures to ease your body, exercises to connect and cultivate your breath and meditation to settle the fluctuations of your mind. I was once asked by a student and dear friend why I refer to each Yoga session as a ‘practice’. It is because every single situation in life offers you an opportunity to practice. To practice being a better person than you were before.
Your life is a journey. And because you are unique; you have something special to share with the world, there are different paths that you can choose to take. Your journey will be different from others. Sometimes your path will be smooth, and the scenery will be beautiful, and you might wish you could stop and linger forever. At times instead your path will be rough, and you may get hurt, angry, frustrated, and feel so tired that you want to turn back or give up.
Wherever you are on your path, remember this: Where you are right now, is perfect. This doesn’t mean you should stop walking completely. It means that if you’re tired, you should sit down and take a breather. When you feel ready, get up and keep going. If you’re enjoying the scenery, then stay for a while; there’s no need to hurry. If you meet a fellow traveller, have a chat, make company, walk together. More than your destination, it’s your journey that matters.
If you would like a guide while walking this path, I am here for you. A guide is someone who shows you the way, so you can walk without getting lost; someone who points out the beautiful things along the journey that you might have missed out otherwise. I have been blessed to have crossed paths with many great guides, my teachers, who have led me through difficult parts of my journey so I could see and experience beautiful things. I hope by sharing their teachings I can support you to walk your path so you can find your own answers.
Goditi il viaggio,


I am a Resilience Mindset & Mental Health Coach, entrepreneur and Yoga Professional, certified with Yoga-Alliance USA. I have been guiding clients across Europe and Asia for over 6 years and my clients include corporate excutives from Deloittle, McKinsey, Yoga studios like YogaUnion, Italy, Obonjan private island resort, Croatia & corporate organisations like HeartVoice Singapore. I am known among my clients and mentees for my warmth, humour, knowledge and clarity.

I offer support so you can overcome life’s challenges and navigate change with confidence and clarity.


“Wenlin is an amazing yoga teacher and person, she understands individual needs and adjusts class accordingly. I strongly recommend her private lessons.”
– Fricci from Italy, Private Yoga
“I’ve been doing yoga at other places but Wenlin is very warm and welcoming. I feel rejuvenated and more equipped to handle today’s challenges at work.”  
– Kayuri from Japan, Yoga in Singapore
“Wenlin is an excellent yoga teacher, competent, knowledgeable, soft and strong. Me and my sister did a yoga retreat with her in Singapore, and ever since I’m following her all the way from France!” – Marguerite from France, Island Yoga Retreat
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