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My name is Wenlin and I am an interdisciplinary artist from Singapore. My work takes interest in the modalities and methods by which we contest and/or condone societal phenomena such as migration and urbanization, the ways we challenge and/or accept technological change, and the ways technology and social media influence individual experiences and perceived identity. My work traverses different mediums including video art, Augmented Reality, painting, performance, photography and sculpture, and have been presented in Greece, Italy, Serbia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

I am also an illustrator, writer and educator. For more on my writing / illustrations click here.

I am currently open for commissions and collaborations.

Download my full  CV and Portfolio or Contact me.


Contact me to commission a new work, or if you have an idea or project you’d like me to collaborate on

Still have questions, or didn’t find what you were looking for? Write me.

Wenlin Tan
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