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A different side of Shanghai

Imagine a secluded, peaceful place out of this world- perfect for shooting that low-budget indie film of yours!
This place is none other than Wusongkou Pao taiwan wetland park in Shanghai.

I travel often to Shanghai for work, and have been to the regular attractions (the Bund, Xintiandi, Pudong, Tianzifang) and I was looking for a different kind of place to spend some time away from the crowds in. It was a photo in an article made by CNN that made me decide to make a trip to Wusonkou Paotaiwan Wetland Park in the suburbs of Shanghai.

To get there, you have to take Metro Line 3 to (水产路站) Shui Chan Lu station. Hail a cab from the station to the wetland park — it shouldn’t cost more than 15RMB. Entrance fee to the park is 5RMB.

Situated in Baosan, near where Yangtze River and Huangpu River meet, the picturesque wetland park offers visitors a nice view of the Huangpu River, save for some ships from the nearby harbour. The Wetland was named ‘Cannon Bay’ or Paotaiwan as naval cannons used to be situated within the wetland park.

On a saturday morning, the park was relatively quiet, with just a few families walking around. The park attracts mostly locals due to its obscure location.

The park’s riverbank makes for a lovely early afternoon walk in the cool spring weather. It’s a good place to watch ships along the river, explore nature or to people watch. This spot is great for shooting that perfect scene with a pair of lovers having a picnic along the river bank or at the outdoor amphitheater area in the middle of the wetland park.

The park is large and offers a wide variety of flora and fauna, sure to keep any nature lover occupied for an entire day. Whether a romance film or a semi-documentary, the nature in the wetland park provides the perfect setting.

This as one of the best kept secrets in Shanghai — great place away from the crowds, pollution; close to nature, with beautiful scenery, perfect as a setting to shoot that off-beat film you might have been planning.


Wenlin Tan 陈文琳 is a growth consultant for female changemakers, embodied movement & mindfulness educator, Women’s Health & Well-being Specialist and curious human. She specializes in supporting female Changemakers to optimize their well-being and impact in the world by aligning with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern Philosophy, Qigong, Yoga and Psychology. Wenlin brings with her over 15 years experience conducting & overseeing market research, consulting and teaching across the fields of health, wellness, productivity and self-growth. Wenlin has consulted/worked for Figment (Co-living & wellness, Singapore), Caveday (USA, Productivity) and The Research Partnership (Healthcare, UK) and now specialises in supporting female changemakers to leave lasting impact in the world.

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