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Free Resources (Art & Mindfulness)

I often get questions from students on where to find resources. Here’s a short list that’s useful for beginning:

Art & creating: 

Often, we don’t truly draw from observation. We draw what our mind conjures up.

  • Learn to draw what you SEE.  A useful resource is Drawing on the right sight of the brain: A book on how to draw what you see http://www.drawright.com/

Practice makes perfect. Websites such as artistsnetwork and artsy are a wealth of resources.

Mindfulness & living:  

Mindfulness takes time to cultivate, and can be practised using various ways including art, yoga and meditation. Here are some useful resources: 

  • This is a great article on the ‘RAIN’ principle, a psychology/therapy technique for self-recovery when you find yourself overwhelmed by situations. https://www.mindful.org/tara-brach-rain-mindfulness-practice/
  • My personal favourite is The School of Life, a UK-based publisher that gets academics and experts to write and run courses on topics like ‘How to find a job you love’, ‘How to change the world’, ‘How to choose a partner’ etc. Find them on Youtube, or read their books (available at libraries, and bookstores e.g. Kinokuniya)

Questions/comments? I’d love to hear them. 

Happy learning!


I'm Wenlin, a 500hrs Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga Therapist based in Turin, Italy. I have taught for corporates, resorts and festivals across Asia and Europe, and specialise in Aqua Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga Therapy for Back Pain and Qigong Fusion Flow, a flow I created that blends Qigong with Vinyasa Yoga.

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