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A small but powerful object, the passport is one of the most important documents that may come within our possession. Beyond a travel document, today it is a highly-prized and widely discussed commodity that possesses the power to shape one’s experience of the world by conferring and withholding, obstructing and facilitating.

Gift-A-Passport consists of two works that explore the duality of the passport as both a physical object or commodity, and an experiential product that transcends its materiality, conferring on its holder intangible experiences such as associated identity, social inclusion (or exclusion) and global mobility (or lackthereof). It also explores how technology and social media have changed our consumption practices.

Window shopping, online

Video Art Short, Run time: 1 mins 15 sec

Window shopping, online is a commentary on the epidemic of counterfeit passport trade, commodification of passports,  how technology has changed our shopping habits.  Viewers are invited to accompany a stranger as she browses an imaginary shopping website, ‘Gift-A-Passport’, offering bespoke passports.

Lucky Draw

Visual Art, 4.1 x 5.8 in double-sided A6 Postcard

Lucky Draw is an installation & participatory performance that explores the rise of social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook to becoming mainstream mediums for marketing businesses. Audience art invited to engage with imaginary shopping website, ‘Gift-A-Passport’, participating via entering sweepstakes, by writing on postcards, photographing and posting them on social media, for a chance to win a bespoke passport of their choice for themselves or someone they love.

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