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Tudo Azul / All Blue

Urbanization is one of the biggest issues of the 21st century. With education and employment opportunities being concentrated in cities, rural areas have become forgotten, forsaken and ‘unseen’.

Tudo Azul / All Blue is a work that uses sculpture as a medium to explore the impact of urbanization on those left behind, while honouring the spirit behind the age-old Portuguese ritual of bullfighting. A blue and white bull origami sculpture was created using construction paper & tape, and placed as an ephemeral installation in the streets of Messejana, rural Portugal. The sculpture’s colours mirror the colours of the traditional houses in Alentejo, while evoking saudade: a sadness, melancholic longing and profound void that exist, upon the departure of the ones who will be missed.

This work is one within a series, ‘Mooving Margarita’, an international art & civic engagement project that aims make rural landscapes seen, their beauty appreciated & their existence remarkable again. Created with the support of Buinho Creative Hub.

Sculpture / Installation


I'm a movement and mindfulness educator and visual artist and I'm passionate about guiding busy working professionals to restore balance and calm in their bodies and minds. Based at YogaUnion in Turin, Italy, I split time between Asia & Europe, teaching at festivals and resorts such as Obonjan Private Island and Brighton Yoga Festival. My art has been exhibited at Singapore Art Week and Kult Gallery Singapore and I've been invited to teach art workshops for the National Library Board Singapore.

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